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Discover Your Car’s Value Estimate Online at First Team Honda

If you’re thinking about buying a new vehicle, your current one could help you save on your purchase. Trading in your vehicle at our dealership is a great way to make some room in your driveway and get a great value for your car that you can then put towards something new. We offer a handy online trade-in value tool to help you determine what your car might be worth in a trade, so we encourage you to take a look and see how your current ride could help you get something new.

How to Value Your Trade Online

You can find out how much your car could be worth in moments with our handy online tool. Simply enter your vehicle’s model year, make, model, and trim level. Then, enter some basic contact information. With that done, you’ll receive a report that offers the following details:

Estimated Value: Our trade-in value tool draws value estimates based on current market value. This detail will tell you what your car could be worth based on the state of the current market.

Local Supply: The report will show you a glimpse of the local supply of your type of vehicle. This can give you an idea of how many vehicles like yours are on the market around the Carrollton area.

Local Demand: You can see what the local demand is for your vehicle. This piece of information can tell you how much demand there is for a car like yours around the Norfolk area.

Once you know what your car could be worth, you can use this information to help you put a budget together for your next purchase. Knowing how much your current car could be worth can help to inform the next steps you take towards buying something new. We can conduct a final appraisal here at our Honda dealership in Chesapeake so that you can get started on your next automotive adventure near Smithfield.