Honda Maintenance Minder

To help vehicle owners know when scheduled maintenance is due, 
Honda has introduced the maintenance minder system select models:

Q: How does the Honda Maintenance Minder work?


A:  The maintenance minder   system shows engine oil life in the information display to let the owner   know when it is time to have the engine oil replaced and regular engine   maintenance done.  There is no longer a maintenance schedule in the   owner's manual. The system shows engine oil life as a percentage, which   drops over time as the vehicle racks up miles.  It starts out at 100%   with fresh engine oil, and winds down to 0%, signaling the oil life is   over.


Q: How does the Honda Maintenance Minder know when the 0% trigger occurs?


A: The system counts down oil   life based on engine operating conditions (both normal and severe).  The   on-board computer continuously monitors engine operating conditions   such as speed, engine temperature, ambient temperature, time, and   vehicle use to determine when an oil change and regular maintenance is   necessary.


Q: How do I operate the system?


A: The Honda Maintenance Minder   is very easy to use.  As the on-board computer continuously monitors   your vehicle, it provides continuous information on the remaining engine   oil life left - simply depress the Select/Reset knob on the information   display and you will see use progression.
      When the on-board computer determines that your vehicle has reached 15%   of remaining life, it will turn on the Maintenance Minder light  for   you.  In addition, each time the vehicle is started; the information   center will default and automatically display the percentage of   remaining life.  To return to the odometer/tripometer, simply depress   the Select/Reset knob.


The following chart will explain exactly when service is due:


Q: What happens to the Maintenance Minder if I do not perform maintenance when the remaining life gets to 0%?


A: If you do not perform the   recommended maintenance the display will start to show negative mileage.    This indicates how many miles that the vehicle is past due for   service.


Q: Along with the  and the percentage of remaining life, there is a letter and sometimes, a number displayed - what do they mean?


A: All maintenance items in the   display are in code.  There are two codes:  Main-codes and Sub-codes.    Your vehicle will always be due for a main code, and at times for a   sub-code. Please refer to your owner's manual, Honda Service History   booklet, and the following chart to interpret the code:


Q: Why will there always be a Main-code?


A: The sub-codes are turned on   when the main-codes are triggered.  Main-codes are USER SPECIFIC and are   triggered based on the vehicle's operating conditions.  The system is   designed to maximize customer convenience.


Q: Why is there only sometimes a Sub-code?


A: These items require   maintenance on a time/mileage based schedule, similar to the maintenance   schedules of the past.  The Maintenance Minder also calculates time as   it factors vehicle use and automatically moves up or delays the   sub-codes so they get done with the main-codes.
      For example, if tire rotation is normally done at 7,500 miles, but the   oil life ends around 6,000 miles, the system will move up the tire   rotation.  Or, if the life appears to be ending around 9,000 miles, the   system will delay the rotation.  In either case, you would see the   maintenance item code A1 in the information display.


Q: How many miles can I expect to go between oil changes when using the system?


A: It will vary.  The beauty of   the Honda Maintenance Minder system is that it automatically adjusts the   maintenance intervals based on engine operating characteristics, your   driving habits, and the climate that you have operated your vehicle in.    For instance, mild highway driving in a warm climate will maximize the   interval between required maintenance.  Depending on the vehicle, this   could be as high as 12,000 miles.  On the other hand, short-trip driving   in a cold climate may limit the maintenance interval to 3,000 miles or   less.  In general, most people who combine city and highway driving find   that the Honda Maintenance Minder will indicate maintenance needs about   every 6,000 miles.  Most people maintain constant driving habits; this   means that mileage between maintenance will be consistent.


Q: With my Honda truck, the   first time the Honda Maintenance Minder turned on was 7,700 miles with   an A1.  The second time, it turned on at 12,000 miles.  Why did I only   get 4,300 miles?


A: Driving habits.  The first   7,700 were racked up with mostly highway driving in warm weather -   conditions that are favorable to oil life.  The next 4,300 miles were   racked up in warm weather, mostly highway, AND mostly pulling a boat   trailer.  The Honda Maintenance Minder system is very intelligent and   monitors engine load to determine oil usage.  With this situation, there   were inconsistent driving conditions and the Honda Maintenance Minder   responded as such.


Q:  I change my oil every 3,000 miles.  How does this system help me?


A:  It is recommended that you   follow the Honda Maintenance Minder.  While your driving habit may be   such that it is recommended every 3,000 miles, it may be that your   driving characteristics indicate maintenance due at 2,500 miles, or,   most people will see about a 6,000 mile recommendation.  The system will   help you and the environment with the following benefits:

  • There will not be unnecessarily wasted natural resources (oil).
  • There will not be unnecessary hazardous materials that will require proper disposal (oil and filters).
  • As a consumer, you will only pay when it is necessary, saving you time and money.



    Q: The oil change station recommends that I change my oil every 3,000 miles.  Why should I not believe them?


    A: The 3,000 mile oil change is a very conservative approach to   maintaining your vehicle that dates back to 1968.  Since then, there has   been much advancement in both oil technology and engine design.  These   advancements, along with the Honda Maintenance Minder, allow you to   increase maintenance intervals without risking harm to your engine.  In   addition, as your Honda dealer, we are trained by Honda and specialize   in Honda, this allows your dealer to know your car better than non-Honda   service facilities.


    Q: Typically my Honda   Maintenance Minder light comes on at 6,500 miles, but I am only at 4,500   miles and am going on vacation.  I want to get my service done before I   go.  What should I do?


    A: It is recommended that you follow the Honda Maintenance Minder.    However, should you choose to have maintenance performed early, be sure   to reset the Maintenance Minder light - this will keep the main-codes   and sub-codes synchronized.


    Q: The Honda Maintenance   Minder is telling me I need a "B" service.  I choose to have only an "A"   service complete.  Is there a problem?


    A: Yes.  The Honda Maintenance Minder is not just an "oil change"   indicator, it makes recommendations for the entire vehicle's   maintenance. Main and sub codes will get out of harmony and the   Maintenance Minder cannot properly predict required maintenances.  When   proper maintenance is followed, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Better resale value
  • Continued reliability
  • Longer vehicle life
  • Continued warranty coverage

    Q: What do I do if I had the improper/not recommended service completed?


    A: If you reset the Honda Maintenance Minder light, you reset the   maintenance schedule of your vehicle.  By doing this, the Honda   Maintenance Minder will not be able to properly predict required   maintenance.  Your Honda dealer can reset the Honda Maintenance Minder   system.  Resetting the system is not as simple as resetting the dash   light, and you may be charged.  Your Honda dealer will have to use a   computer called the Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) to complete what is   called a forced activation - this will allow your vehicle to have proper   time and mileage set with the current maintenance completion.
          When the dash light is reset, the input tells the on-board computer that   ALL required maintenance was performed.  The Maintenance Minder system   will not allow for line-item maintenance, the system requires   maintenance completion as indicated.


    Q: I change my own oil.  Should I reset the light?


    A: The Honda Maintenance Minder is not just an oil change indicator, it   reminds us of all maintenance requirements.  If you change your oil, it   is important that you complete all Honda Maintenance Minder   recommendations and reset the light.


    Q: I use synthetic oil.  Should I expect to get more miles before the Honda Maintenance Minder indicates that I need an oil change?


    A: Honda does not recommend the use of synthetic oils as your Honda was   designed and engineered based on the oil recommended in your owner's   manual.  The Honda Maintenance Minder calculates your vehicle's needs   based on the oil recommended by the Honda engineers that designed your   engine.  The use of synthetic oil will not extend the oil change   interval.


    Q: My husband and I equally   share our Maintenance Minder Honda, does the system average our driving   styles to determine when maintenance is due?


    A: No.  The Honda Maintenance Minder is an intelligent system and   monitors every drive cycle.  A drive cycle is defined as each time the   car is turned on and off.


    Q: I have taken my vehicle to a   non-Honda facility and had the oil changed, the facility did not know   how to reset the Honda Maintenance Minder light.  Will my Honda dealer   reset it for me?


    A: That depends.  It is very important that all recommended maintenance   be completed, if more than just an oil change was necessary, your Honda   dealer would be doing you a disservice by resetting the light as the   light is not just an oil change indicator - it monitors the complete   maintenance requirements of your vehicle.
          In addition, if you racked up miles before you came to the dealer, there   has been wear and degradation of the oil in your vehicle - your Honda   dealer may have to change the oil again to properly set your Honda   Maintenance Minder.


    Q: Do I have to check my oil level with the Honda Maintenance Minder System?


    A: Yes.  The system does not sense oil level.  Please follow the owner's manual recommendations for Service Station Procedures.


    Q: I have driven 6,000 miles   since my last maintenance, and the light has not come on.  When checking   the oil, it looked dirty.  What do I do?


    A: The oil may discolor under normal conditions, depending on driving conditions.  This is a normal condition.


    Q: I have a need to know what the next recommended service will be.  Can the Honda technician tell me?


    A: Yes.  Your Honda technician   has been trained on the Honda Maintenance Minder and will use the Forced   Activation mode to determine what the next recommended services are.    The option to check this will only work between 100% oil life and 16%   oil life, as when the system gets to 15%, it automatically turns on.


    Q: My Honda is equipped with break-in oil, should I change it early?


    A: No.  To ensure proper engine   break-in, the factory-fill engine oil needs to remain in the engine   until the first scheduled maintenance interval.
          The factory fill oil is the same as Honda Service Replacement Oil.  The   difference is the Molybdenum lubricant that is applied to specific   internal engine components.