First Team Honda Upgrade Program

Here in the Chesapeake, VA area we know that many drivers will naturally seek out a great new vehicle that boasts all the enhancements while keeping the same, or lower, monthly payment. With the First Team Honda Upgrade Program, drivers are able to unload their current vehicle at above market value. This helps our customers get into newer, safer, more reliable vehicles and keep our inventory supply steady.

But, those aren’t the only benefits of the First Team Honda Upgrade Program. Additional program benefits include:

*Above market value for your vehicle
*Low monthly payments
*Better financing terms
*Longer and more comprehensive warranties
*Lower fuel costs and increased fuel efficiency
*Reduced cost of driving
*Reduced maintenance and repair costs
*Increased safety and security technology
*Brand-new comfort and entertainment features

If you’re interested in learning more about the Upgrade Program, including determining your eligibility, fill out the inquiry form on this page and an Upgrade Program specialist will contact you shortly.

In no time at all we’ll have you driving a new vehicle that fits your budget and gets you comfortably where you want to go!

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