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Enjoy Your Ride

At First Team Honda, we’re committed to helping you put your career First, and, as our tagline says, Enjoy Your Ride. Our positions offer opportunities for development and advancement, as well as competitive compensation and benefits.


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We are always looking for team members who are passionate about serving customers – no matter what department they are in. From sales and service to accounting and HR, we want to help you put your career First.





Why First Team

We take pride in putting our team members and our customers first. We know our business only thrives when our employees do. When you join our team, you’re not only going to be working alongside likeminded individuals (some who have been here for decades!), you’ll also be joining our First Team Family.

At First Team, we prioritize our team members because we understand that their success directly impacts the success of our business. We believe in fostering a positive and supportive work environment that allows our employees to thrive and grow.

When you join our team, you will have the opportunity to work alongside individuals who share a common passion for excellence and a drive for success. Many of our team members have been with us for decades, which is a testament to the positive work culture we have cultivated.

We value the contributions and unique perspectives of each team member, as we believe that diversity is key to innovation and growth. We strive to create an inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

As a member of the First Team Family, you can expect ongoing support and encouragement from your colleagues and managers. We believe in providing our team members with the resources and training they need to excel in their roles and reach their full potential. Whether it’s through mentorship programs, professional development opportunities, or performance recognition, we invest in our team member’s growth and success.

In addition to a supportive work environment, joining the First Team Family also means gaining access to a range of benefits and perks. We offer competitive compensation packages, including opportunities for growth and advancement. Our comprehensive benefits package includes health insurance, retirement