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Most factory warranties are valid only if you maintain your vehicle regularly.

Car Care Service Plans
include valuable maintenance services that will help you keep your car running like new and keep your vehicle
qualified for factory warranty protection.
Best of all, the Car Care Service Plan protection is simple:

  • Maintenance visits can be pre-scheduled.
  • Bring your car and coupon booklet to your service department.
  • All services are performed quickly and efficiently. Every time.



Lube, Oil and Filter

Helps keep your vehicle operating smoothly and ensures the long life of your engine.


Clean and Adjust Brakes

Helps keep your brakes operating at peak performance.


Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

Helps identify any need for preventive maintenance before it’s a major problem.


Tire Rotation (Plus Plans Only)

Ensures your tires wear evenly and last longer.


Cross Country Motor Club Membership

A free, one year membership (three-year for Plus Plans) which includes 24-hour roadside assistance, emergency
towing coverage, lost key retrieval, trip planning, travel discounts, games for kids, and many other benefits.