Honda Fuel Cell Electric FCX Clarity

Honda continues to blaze a trail of automotive technology with the introduction of their FCX Clarity, the worlds most prominent hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

For now, you can check out all the current Honda alternative fuel models, like the Civic and Insight Hybrid, at First Team Honda. But soon you too might be able to drive off in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like FCX Clarity.

FCX Clarity

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV)  run on hydrogen and emit no CO2 or other harmful emissions. They may be the key to securing a bright future for the automobile in society.

Honda was the world's first auto maker to put a fuel cell car on the road, delivering the Honda FCX to fleet users in the US and Japan back in 2002.

Fuel cell vehicles like the FCX Clarity contain a hydrogen tank instead of a gas one. In the fuel cell, hydrogen is combined with atmospheric oxygen to generate electricity. No CO2 or other pollutants are emitted in this process - only water.

A compact and efficient lithium ion battery stores electricity generated during braking and deceleration in regenerative braking. When more power is needed, the battery works with the fuel cell as a supplementary power source. Since the vehicle is propelled by an electric motor, it delivers smooth, powerful acceleration and quiet operation.

By utilizing a water-to-water energy cycle, it may be possible to one day create truly sustainable energy supplies, freeing society from dependence on non-renewable and carbon-based energy sources.
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