Tops in Truck Reliability - Honda Ridgeline

In recent survey to measure the most reliable pickup trucks in the US, the company which surpassed all others isn't even an US automaker. The Honda Ridgeline ranked number one, taking another honor for a company that already possesses many.

The Honda truck isn't a tricked out off-road machine, or a trailer-towing monster, but when it comes to style and reliability, this Honda has that in spades.

Consumer Report's gave the vehicle a "better than average" rating in several judged categories: including style, performance and comfort. Reviews stated the ease of which this fairly long truck (17 feet bumper-to-bumper) handles in city and suburban areas.

The basic features of the Ridgeline have been one of the keys to its success. Standard Ridgeline equipment (crew cab, covered flat bed, satellite radio) is usually an optional extra in other trucks. The Ridgeline's 250-horsepower, 3.5-liter, single overhead cam V-6 creates torque peaking at 247 foot-pounds at 4,700 rpm. The 5-foot-long composite bed of the Ridgeline is built with no wheel arches intruding.

Suggested retail price the Honda Ridgeline is around $29,000, which is in line with competition from other foreign pickup trucks, all in the $26,000 - $30,000 range.

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