Honda Reduces Battery Energy Waste

With the introduction to new models like the CR-Z Ex, Honda is always looking to lower the emissions and waste from cars like the Civic hybrid and Insight. This is why the Honda is looking towards green technology in all aspects of their vehicle design and production.

The difficult part is that it is hard to leave such a small carbon footprint, especially when you are the second largest auto maker in Japan.

Honda is about to break ground on a new 980,000 sq foot plant that will be as green as they come.

Mr. Ito said that innovative technologies introduced at the new Yorii plant "would create a benchmark for other Honda manufacturing plants, aiming to reduce the energy use in vehicle production by more than 30 percent."

"The Yorii plant will start with small-volume production of environmentally-responsible vehicles which requires highly sophisticated manufacturing technologies to mature its advanced technologies," Mr. Ito said.

"Yorii will evolve such manufacturing technologies that are keys to the next-generation of Honda, to other Honda operations around the world to achieve the global growth of Honda."

Honda Motors is also setting out to introduce new technologies at its Suzuka factory, which will add to the company's efforts to reduce the bodyweight and cost of Honda's next generation models.
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