Honda Ridgeline Tops Truck Reliability

In a recent survey to judge the most reliable pickup trucks in America, one company surpassed all others - one that isn't even a U.S. auto maker. Honda's Ridgeline ranked No. 1 among competitors, taking home another notable mention for a company that already produces successful, fuel efficient cars.

The Honda Ridgeline isn't known for being the most testosterone inspiring man-machine, or for having a towing capacity of several Brahma bulls (Ridgeline only pulls 5000 lbs, as opposed to similar pickups, which tow upwards of 8500). But when it comes to endurance and reliability Honda has that covered.

When the Ridgeline debuted in 2005 skeptics doubted the staying power of a Japanese-made large truck. A mere 5 years down the road and those nay-sayers have been put to bed.

The results of this reliability test comes from visitors to Consumer Report's official website, which in total gave the vehicle a "better than average" rating judged on several variables: including performance, style and comfort. Common remarks included the ease of which such a large truck (17 feet bumper-to-bumper) maneuvers around city traffic and suburban parking lots.

One of the key points to Honda's success with Ridgeline has been their basic features. What you'd find as extras in most other trucks (crew cab, covered flat bed, satellite radio) are all standard in Ridgeline. A 250-horsepower, 3.5-liter, single overhead cam V-6 hides under its hood. This powerplant creates torque peaking at 247 foot-pounds at 4,700 rpm. And talk about space - the 5-foot-long Ridgeline bed is made of composite with no wheel arches intruding.

Honda's well-equipped Ridgeline has a suggested retail price of around $29,000. Keeping it in line with foreign pickup truck competition, all starting in the $26,000 - $30,000 range.

Upon its initial production phase, Honda estimated only 18% of their U.S.-based customers would be interested in the Ridgeline. In turn, only a small amount (approx 50,000) were produced. This has caused as issue - without enough models, Ridgeline can't catch on. But that is set to change as Honda will undoubtedly pick up interest from those shopping for a long-lasting, easy and fun to drive pickup that beats the competition.

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